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Lit By Your Phone The Sea Won't Take Long Light in the Aisles

The Sea Won't Take Long

broken bird nelllie bly areoplaneghost parking missourisubmarine woolworth miss your plane dryblood for blood raincoatalabama the sea won't take long † (redbirds)

broken bird

i lost my rings in the sand
but i wish that i lost my hands
cause i came back to the crushed parking garage
the burning attendant and all the ghost cars
now everything tastes like metal
the wind sounds like a machine
and the blood that's filling our mouths
is mine this time, mine

i saw a little broken bird
on the sidewalk today
and i didn't say anything
no, i didn't say a word

she says the pictures of the sailors
trapped in their submarines
and the notes that they wrote
from the engine-room airpocket
have haunted her kitchen TV
it cries all day on the countertop
and it screams when she tries to
turn it off
i'd tell her to come over here to stay
but mines the same way


nellie bly

wake up, my darling, we're going to new york
I'm going to drive you over that crooked bridge
in that back of your dad's ford

and we won't need a ticket
we'll just watch the lights
rolling down from the top of the riverside church
out to the nellie bly
just for us

and you know i will be happy on the day that i die
if i see the lights of new york city
reflected in your eyes
your little brother laughs at me
your mom thinks we're a sin
but we can be whoever we want
let's try it, you be kim
i'll be thurston
and if we leave this morning
we'll be there by the fourth
we could park down by that red hook dock
and watch the fireworks




whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do when jesus flies by
in his areoplane

put your raincoat on?

you can't hide down there.

he's not slowing down.

you can't run from the sky.

he sees everything.


ghost parking

'i didn't want to wake you'
she woke me up to say
the sky is filled with voices
i was lying here and they
called my through the window
so i climbed outside to look
the streets were alive in a swarm of lights
so i came back for you and my boots

lets go ghost parking
they're all across the river
going ghost parking
we'll join in the parade

now the girl they found in the meadow
and the sailors lost in the sea
dive from the roofs of the warehouse
while the kids from the burn unit cheer
and the drug mules and the suicides
climb the cables of the bridge
when the sun says "go to sleep"
the moon says "climb on in"
and go ghost parking...



what a night to switch to carleton 100s
with all the grocery stores closed
and some waitress on the couch
hugging a towel
sad as a highway emergency phone

let me back in
your missouri arms
your miami eyes
and seattle heart

i've stayed out of your dreams
and i've stayed off your wall
and i've tried to leave your mind
but you haven't tried to leave mine at all




i want to buy a submarine
and drive it to the bottom of the sea
and let all the dead sailors come around
with their tin cups and accordions
and sing
I was a child like you

I want to buy and areoplane
and land it on that field
and let all the shamefull killers come
back home to fill the stadiums
and sing "i was a child like you"

all the holes in the moon
will not fill it
all the candles in the street
won't burn it down

I want to build a ladder so tall
that only the dead could climb it
we'd lie on the roof
and listen to them singing
as they rise
"i was a child like you..."



the old woolworth building
skewered the moon
and left it rotting like a peach
in the sun
i don't know when
they'll get it up again
it took 100 men
two weeks to get it down


Miss Your Plane

I want to make you
miss your plane
with no excuses now
but just the same
let the phone ring
let the moment lift
the shirt over your head
and you finger to your lips

Cause when you fly
your soul stays here
I can see it
in the living room
against the radiator
curled up like a cat
we spend days on the porch
and nights by the phone

Across the ocean
there's a man with your name
on a cardboard sign,
he haunts the baggage claim
let him wonder, let the pilots fly light
let the moon find you here



when you were a child
you had skin like milk
and arms just as wide
as the sea
you drew maps on the wall
and chased birds through the yard
and never looked across
the classroom to me
now you've left me drunk
you've left me high
you've left me screaming in the hallway
but you've never left me dry
when you were 19
I fell in love
with your tatoos and your
factory jeans
we'd drive out to the mall
where your stepfather worked
and write our name on the hood
with a key
now you've left me drunk
you've left me high
you've left me crumbling on the front porch
but you never left me dry
everybody says I'm crazy
cause I wait for you everywhere
and all my friends start to hate me
cause I know, but I don't care
that you've left me broke
you've left me old
you've left me running down the driveway
but you've never left me cold
you've left me drunk
you've left me high
you've left me wondering where you are
cause you never left me dry


Blood for Blood

until the lake is full
and the animals learn to cry
until the moon itself turns away
it's blood for blood

until the street is clean
and the children are safe outside
until the ground is too slick to stand on
it's blood for blood

if you don't know, then you'll learn
what you give comes back

until the book won't close
until we're used to the smell
untill there's no one remembers why
it's blood for blood



she was a diamond
worn upside down
she was a dirt road through
the center of town
a manhattan sno-globe
for a kid in north bend
she wore a raincoat
on a beautiful day

she flattened the map
and she sucked on her tongue
when i pulled over and told her
i thought that was fun
she said "I don't know"
I said "ok"
she wore a raincoat
on a beautiful day

she said "don't you know
they were never on the moon.
but look at it wait, aching and full
about to burst from the things it has seen."
ask me tonight
I know how it feels

In a snow white hotel room I got the news
it grew like a shadow over my shoes
whatever it was she didn't say
she wore a raincoat
on a beautiful day



green as alabama
sweet as a lemon
she waved and turned me into
a car-dealership pinwheel

bees all dream of the summer
rivers all dream of the south
the berries asleep
in the grocery store
are dreaming of her mouth

you know I don't wear a watch
so it can take as long as it takes
i'll drive around the block
til she wakes up

carpenters dream of the forest
bombs all dream
of july
astronomers stay up all night
dreaming of her eyes


the sea (won't take long)

she went in with her cigarette still lit
left me and her shoes on the pier
waiting for the splash
and the cruel laugh
but when I opened my eyes
it was still

when I'm president
I'd like to teach the world a song
'don't you worry baby
the sea won't take long'

she liked to drink by the water
and end up doubled over
she hated to see the city this way
they turn a beautiful car crash
into a tourist pompeii

when i'm president
i'll have the megaphone
and they'll all sing with me
'the sea won't take long'

she's gone to live in the redbirds
where the sailors play cards
in the drowned subway cars
she's gone to talk to the passengers
from the airplanes that fell
cause nobody tells
but they're still down there
with slow-motion hair
and seatbelts that won't let them rise

and when i'm president
i'd like to teach the world a song
'the only mercy is
the sea won't take long'










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