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Lit By Your Phone The Sea Won't Take Long Light in the Aisles

Lit By Your Phone

ride you homedevil's shoesgod made carsgreen plastic soldiers montanasnow day the hole in mesnackdashboardnot enoughfireflieswhat have you done to the moon?

ride you home

hey you lost old barn owl on my hospital TV
don't worry about the nurses now they don't know what they can't see
I'm gonna ride you home, over the sucker's lawn, I'm gonna ride you home
dirty little angel band underneath my bed
I can feel their winter hands trying to steal my cigarettes


nurse from the night shift staring at an empty bed
hands from comfort care waving to us overhead



devil's shoes

sam was a big man, he came around the corner with $47 in his hand
they found him last night, starting to rot, down by the pathmark parking lot
I know that's not the name that your parents gave you
it's better to go barefoot than to wear the devil's shoes
rollerbag joe underneath the bridge counting up the quarters left to go
and where he is now no one notices the rain
slumped like a businessman sleeping on a train


well I followed him through the wires down to the broken glass playground
we were almost there when he turned around talking to someone from long ago
his eyes were shaking and as dirty as his coat




god made cars

O I don't need the napking map you drew for me
cause I can see where your eyes are
bright as supermarkets, wide as highways
and the summer spilled her nail polish all over my steering wheel
"you know you'll never get that off , but there you are"
that's why god made cars
so get a light up globe and plug it in the dashboard lighter
and fill the windshield with glow tape stars
that's why god made cars
there's a billboard for every broken heart
and a shoulder to pull off and cry on
cause no one can see you there when you're in your car
that's what you told me, and I believed you



green plastic soldiers

green plastic soldiers melt in an ashtray
I drank a hole in your birthday
came by to see you, I saw your mother's car
so I just kept driving to the bar
there's nothing left to do but go crazy for you
they sent you home in your uniform
I shot your picture off the tire in the backyard
I'll keep the pills and the military discount
I'll let your sister pack the house




god made montana an adult-sized portion
he made the roads wide, and soft as Samantha Morton
he watches from the sky with his big billboard eyes
sometimes the hardest thing is the easiest to do
she stood there waving like the flag they left on the moon
there's no where to go, so you're always wherever you are
and you can turn off your lights and drive for hours by the stars
I never know what I'll find
In my thrift-store mind



snow day

darling promise me you'll kill me in my sleep
if I'm still waiting tables this time next year
I saw the summer breathe on my window
wrote something there and watched it disappear
and I waited for the rain to change your mind
but it changed mine, it changed mine
I put away my worries
they're just birds bouncing off of buildings
tomorrow morning I'm gonna wake up beautiful
go chasing december for a snow day
and when her heart got too full she carved a little room
turning good news into bad in the Telephone bar bathroom
and I waited for the wind to bring her back
now she's just a thumbtack on my map



hole in me

he t-shirt said "justtin I'm legal"
she was a sugarbowl in the door to an empty hall
tiny commandments fell from her eyelids
her skullmask mascara was black as a bible
and when she looked up the night was wet as the sea
she raised her hand and slipped in to the hole in me
there's nothing longer than indiana
and no place better to get lost
four hundred miles of one word answers
the windows up, the radio off
the officepark parking lot still knows my card
and no one hears the steps behind mine
new jersey sunset still wakes with my computer
but in the screen I see another pair of eyes




he had georgia dirt and wolves on his shirt
stars on his road-tan arm
he came in when you were a convenient blue
in a convenient greenpoint bar
you cried your way through the kitchen, cried over all the magazines
you cried until your eyes had drained all their green
i know you say he was a moon landing for you
blonde-on-blonde times back in black
you say you don't understand, no you don't understand
you were just a snack
you're up in that window crying "nobody cares for me"
calm down, come down someone does
you never thought to see




the dashboard is covered with spent conversations
she's a summer girl and it's fall
magic marker sundays and soft considerations
are stacked up like boxes on the sidewalk
and I'm only crying cause the floor is dirty
I only wrote your name there cause I might forget it someday
we could make a sunset of this river of brakelights
please stop crying now you know this coffee's bad enough
I could wear a tie for you but it would never hang right
I can't do your daylight hours, I wouldn't recognize you in makeup



not enough

you roll the world on its side and everything is bruised
you still come over and leave the night with nothing to do
your clothes they are no match for the rain
the message you left was only a stain
the walls they cannot hold the room
I'm not waiting for you I'm not waiting for you
you balanced your weekend on the fire escape
spent sunday knocking it off
everyone tells you you're too much
but you're not enough, you're not enough




I could tell that she was raised by firefiles
by the light coming off the spokes in her greenpoint eyes
the summer dropped us off at a wild blue address
with november waiting for us already halfway out of her dress
and she said let's have a parade for the cosmonauts
that the Russians shot off into space, lost and forgot
we'll park a trailer on the roof and build a nest of radios
so they can have a place if there ever get home
the last time I saw her she was standing on the edge
lit by her phone with her hand over her head
saying "everything lasts forever and it's all already gone
so you can let go, or you can hold on....
but how can you wait? how can you wait?
how can you wait? how can you wait?
how can you wait? how can you wait?
how can you wait? how can you wait?



what have you done to the moon?

what have you done to the moon?
it crawls in my window and lies there breathing like you used to
what have you done to the moon?
what have you done to the rain?
it fills your best suit to dance at the end of the driveway again
what have you done to the rain?
I saw your car on my street. That's all I need.
what have you done to the time?
an hour ago I was a wild-haired child
what have you done to the time
what have you done to the rain?
What have you done to the moon?









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