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The Quavers coax a luminous sound out of decayed samplers, walkmans, vibraphonette, footpedal loopers, tape echo violin and homespun harmonies. Like a space-age Carter Family, they weave low-tech electronics around songs sturdy enough to stand up even if the power goes out. They call it "porch techno".


California Solo, a film by Marshall Lewy starring Robert Carlyle premiered at Sundance 2012. The score is by T. Griffin and features violin by Catherine McRae.

T. Griffin did the original music for Tristan Patterson's film DragonSlayer, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the SXSW film festival and at Hot Docs. It was recorded on 4-track cassette.


NOVEMBER 29, Barbes, Brooklyn.

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Fireflies from the Quavers LP Lit By Your Phone

Fireflies by ShinyLittle

A cruncher from the credits to Esther Robinson's film A Walk Into The Sea. Played by T. Griffin, Catherine McRae and Bruce Cawdron.

a cover of a sonic youth song for y'all. join our email list and get a link to 20+ more covers posted on a private page, for friends only.

Schizophrenia by ShinyLittle

More music is on our audio page.

The Quavers live on NPR's Bryant Park Project. Interview and Performances. // Video.

T. Griffin and Guy Picciotto backing Vic Chesnutt on a roof in Austria. Here.

See The Quavers singing on Brooklyn's Gowanus canal. In a canoe. Really. Our Takeaway Show.

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